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Voltage Controlled Oscillator

RTx technology

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Voltage Controlled Oscillator

RTx provides standard and custom VCOs for commercial, industrial, defence and emerging wireless applications. RTx VCOs offer the excellent phase noise and frequency stablilty.

RTx VCOs are available over an output frequency range of 20MHz to 6GHz and over the operating temperature range of -30℃~ +80℃.

The device is most suited for phase-locked loop applications as well as clock and data recovery circuits.


  • Stable linear frequncy and power output
  • Frequency range from 20MHz to 6GHz
  • Coaxial resonator available (C series)


  • Cellular, PCS and UMTS etc.
  • UP-Down Converter, PLL Module
  • Clock and data retiming circuit


Package Type X Series Y Series Z Series A Series
Size-mm 12.4x10.4x3.5 15.0x10.4x4.0 20.2x12.2x6.5 12.7x12.7x4.0
inch 0.49x0.41x0.14 0.59x0.41x016 0.8x0.48x0.26 0.50x0.50x0.16


R **** A X
1.RTx Tech 2.Fc(MHz) 3.Package
4.Supply Voltage(V)
  • L:0.0~4.0
  • M : 4.0~8.0
  • H : 8.0~12.0