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PLL Synthesizer

RTx technology

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PLL Synthesizer

RTx providess standard and custom PLL modules for local oscillators in frequency translation applications.

RTx PLL modules offer the excellent phase noise and spurious performance as fixed frequency or serially programmable frequency sources. These products provide the most suitable solutions for oscillators in communication systems.


  • Excellent phase noise & spurious
  • Frequency range from 20MHz to 6GHz
  • Internal reference & EPROM
  • Low cost & custom design
  • All harmonics are below -20dBc
  • 5 to 40MHz reference clock
  • Operating temp.: -30~+80 degree C


  • Cellular, PCS, UMTS
  • Up/Down Converter
  • Clock & Data retiming circuit
  • Frequency Synthesizer


Function RF/LocalFrequency IF/LocalFrequency Structure Package Type
PLL Modules 20 to 6000MHz - VCO+PLL IC PA3, PA7, PS3,PD1, PM1
PLL Modules (Internal Ref.) 20 to 6000MHz - VCO+PLL IC+TCXO PA9, PD6
Dual PLL Modules 20 to 6000MHz 20 to 1000MHz 2VCO+Dual PLL IC PD3
Fixed PLL Modules 20 to 6000MHz - VCO+PLL IC+ROM PA6, PD4, PD7(Optional EPROM)
Fixed PLL Modules(Internal Ref.) 20 to 6000MHz - VCO+PLL IC+ROM+TCXO PA8, PD5
  • 1. Other output powers, frequencies, and supply voltages available
  • 2. All harmonics are less than -20dBc
  • 3. 5 to 40MHz reference clock
  • 4. Operating temp. : -30 to +80℃

system diagram